In 1996, an agreement between the Juvenile Rights Project and the Oregon State Office for Services to Children and Families (SOSCF) resulted in a plan for a change in the way in which services are delivered to families throughout the state. That year, six pilot branches (Polk, Deschutes, and the four metro Portland branches) began gradual implementation of the new model. Subsequent implementation was mandated for the rest of the state, to be completed by June, 2003. Named System of Care, the service includes individualized assessment of children's needs, strengths-based work with families, involvement of community partners, and flexible funding to pay for wrap-around services to meet children's needs. The Regional Research Institute for Human Services (RRI), in collaboration with the Child Welfare Partnership (CWP), have assumed responsibility for evaluating the implementation of the Strengths/Needs Based service delivery system, the critical practice component of the System of Care.

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